Make An Extra $1000 - $2000 a Month with Affiliate Marketing

Learn my proven step-by-step system to build, rank & profit from Amazon affiliate websites.

Do you want to make money online with Amazon affiliate websites? But you're sick of getting nowhere?

Maybe you’ve got a plan, but you have no idea if it would work or not.

You’re already working 40-50 hours a week and don’t want to "waste" spare time going down a dead end path learning something that won't help.

You feel tired of all the information around the web that drives you crazy. You lose confidence in yourself.

You feel stuck.

If this sounds anything like you, then you're not alone.

Building a profitable Amazon affiliate website is hard.

There are so many moving parts involved which can be overwhelming, especially if you're just starting out. Things like:

  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Searching for the right buying keywords to target
  • Writing (or outsourcing) product reviews and other types of articles.
  • Setting up and optimizing your site the right way with WordPress.
  • Building powerful backlinks and promoting your website effectively.
  • and the list goes on…

If you don't know what you're doing, it's easy to waste months and thousands of dollars trying to figure things out.

But you won’t have to.

Introducing AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

The Step-by-Step, Proven System for Making Money Online

With Amazon Affiliate Sites That Actually Works

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is an online coaching program designed to teach you a proven step-by-step system to build, rank, and profit from Amazon affiliate websites.

This program lays out the exact strategy that I personally use to build a profitable Amazon affiliate website from scratch.

Imagine what it would be like to have the confidence of knowing exactly what you need to do to build and grow your site, so that it can make enough money to support your goals - whatever they are.

By following my exact step-by-step system, you can build yourself a profitable Amazon affiliate site earning you anywhere from $1000 to $2000 a month in less than a year.

But your income level doesn't have to stop there.

The course also includes valuable growth lessons to help you scale your site to earn even more and potentially become a 6-figure business 3-5 years down the road.

Who Is Behind This Program?

Hi, I’m Tung Tran, the founder of Cloud Living and I’ll be personally guiding you through this program.

For the past 5 years, I’ve built and grew dozens of profitable affiliate websites from scratch. My success story has been featured on credible places like Entrepreneur, Flippa, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, and more.

I’ve also helped thousands of readers through my blog Cloud Living and some of them have achieved incredible successes following my footsteps.

After years of trial and error, I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a successful Amazon affiliate site.

And I'll share with you everything that I know through this course.​

Tung delivers the goods when it comes to sharing his path to building profitable websites. I'm a huge fan of his and love what he's doing at

Justin Cooke

Here's The Summary of What You'll Get

From AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

In-Depth Video Lessons

The course includes 55+ high quality video lessons covering everything you need to know to build a profitable Amazon affiliate site from scratch.

Step-by-Step Action Plans

No more guesswork. No more confusion and frustration. Just follow the plan and you’ll get results. Guaranteed.

Worksheets and Templates

Immediate access to dozens of exclusive worksheets and templates to help you execute what you learned a lot easier.

My Direct Feedback

Access to the live chat system where you can submit your niche ideas or site for direct feedback from me and the AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp team.

Supportive Community

Get advice, feedback, motivation and support from a community of fellow Amazon affiliates who will keep you on track.

Exclusive Resources

Receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only resources - plus receive special perks & discounts

Want To See More? Take a Look Inside AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp In The Walkthrough Video Below...

Is This Still Working in 2016?

The answer is YES, but only if you closely follow my guidance and complete your homework.

This is the same process that allowed me and my students to create and sell sites for 4, 5 figures each. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t get the same or even better results if you follow the step-by-step plan I laid out for you.

For those of you who knew about the tragic PBN crackdown last year, rest assured that I'll be only teaching white hat link building & promotion strategies in this course. These are very effective to earn high-quality backlinks that deliver long-term results.

Take a look at the quick growth of my newest site which I grew from ZERO to earning more than $3,000 a month in less than a year.

The Site Earned $14,151.64 So far in 2016!​

And It's also getting over 2,500 organic visits a day from Google.

Manyu Sabnis

Having known Tung now for over 3 years, I am a huge fan of the transparency he brings to the SEO world, something extremely rare in our world.

His in-depth, yet easy to understand, step by step guides on the Cloud Living blog have always been a handy resource for folks getting started in SEO and building their own online businesses.

With this course, he has taken it to the next level.

I have seen many courses from gurus that think they know what they are doing, but Tung is the real deal.

He knows SEO inside out and he has distilled his knowledge into simple, easy to follow modules that will guide beginners every step of the way as they create their online empire.

The course goes into great depth about the critical aspects of building an authority site, from picking a niche, creating content, doing effective outreach as well as outsourcing and building a team, to truly harness the scale and potential of building Amazon affiliate sites.

Unlike other gurus, he builds up realistic expectations of work required and time needed to build a sustainable income.

His entire method is also based on completely white hat techniques, which means you minimize the risk of a Google penalty.

I have no doubt in my mind that any one that follows his blueprint will be a very successful affiliate marketer.

If you are in any way interested in learning to build a business, you need to get this course!

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Introduction and Mindset

Set Your Mind For Success

If you're new to affiliate marketing and building websites, this is where you should start.

Module Includes:​

  • How affiliate marketing works and 4 reasons why I absolutely love building Amazon affiliate websites.
  • What it takes to achieve significant success in 2016 and beyond (Very important!)
  • 2 real-life examples of what a GREAT Amazon affiliate website should look like.
  • The 3 budget options to choose from (you can get started for as low as $500)

How To Research and Pick a Profitable Niche Idea

Get this right and your job will be much much easier. You’ll discover how to find a great niche that allows you to make good money within 6-8 months but still has the potential to become a 6-figure business 3-5 years down the road.

Module Includes:​

  • The 3 techniques that NEVER fail to give me profitable niche ideas.
  • Keyword research basics and the 4 types of keywords you should know about (you'll never be able to build a successful site if you don't understand this).
  • My proven “checklist” of factors to pick a WINNING market (ignore these and risk losing a LOT of capital).
  • Access to my Market Research document - immediately compare multiple markets until you’re left with “Golden Geese” and nothing else
  • The EXACT 9 criteria I use to identify low competition keywords.
  • Access to my proprietary Keyword Research document - including a custom formula to automatically prioritize a big list of keywords in just one simple click (the best ones are ranked at the top).

Most importantly, I'll personally review and make sure you pick the right niche so that you can maximize your chance of succeeding. 

Module 2: Niche and Keyword Research

Module 3: Create Your Content

My Entire System To Produce High Quality Content Affordably

The quality of your content can make or break your website. You'll learn how to get it right in this module.

Module Includes:​

  • 3 critical reasons why you need high quality content more than ever in 2016.
  • What does high quality content actually look like (If the first thing you think about is word count, then you're WRONG)
  • Access to my 7 Super Detailed Content Templates that make high quality content creation very easy and efficient.
  • A walkthrough overview of how I manage my entire content production process with just 3 things: a simple Google spreadsheet, a Google Drive folder, and a minimalist project management tool.
  • 3 places to outsource your content writing (you don't need to be a good writer to build a successful website).
  • Access to the Editing and Proofreading checklist that I use to make sure my content is optimized for both visitors and search engines.

Create a Good Looking and SEO Friendly Website 

This module covers all the basics that you need to know in order to build an awesome website.

Module Includes:​

  • How to choose a brandable domain name.
  • My web hosting recommendations.
  • Step-by-step instructions to set up your website with WordPress.
  • How to choose a good WordPress theme for your site.
  • 14 essential WordPress plugins that every site needs to have.
  • How to set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to post and optimize your articles for SEO.
  • Access to my Site Launching Checklist - the last few things you have to do before launching your new website.

Module 4: Set Up Your Website

Module 5: Drive Targeted Traffic

Build Powerful Backlinks That Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

In this module, you'll learn the powerful white hat link building strategies that are working very well in 2016.

Module Includes:​

  • Building links TODAY: How the game has EVOLVED.
  • 5 Link building Fundamentals that you need to understand to be successful.
  • The best type of link building that you HAVE to know.
  • 5-month link building plan for a new website (this is exactly what you need to do month by month to get awesome results)
  • 5 white hat link building strategies that helped me to rank #1 for lots of high-traffic profitable keywords.
  • Access to my detailed templates and worksheets to help you execute each link building strategy more effectively.

I signed up for Tung's early bird sale for his course and got to be among his first students. The price was not cheap and I usually don't do courses like this, but I felt confident in Tung and his expertise in the area since it spans many years. I knew it would pay off in the end.

So far it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and it delivered on every front. Tung has outlined everything you need to know in detail in order to succeed with Amazon affiliate websites.

Not only does he offer instructions for perfected techniques, but he also supplies you with templates and reviews your niche which is simply something you cannot put a price on.

You are paying for years of knowledge here all condensed into a course that will take you from zero to success in Amazon Affiliate marketing. I cannot recommend it enough, many thanks Tung!

Alexander Eriksson

Let's Recap On What You'll Get From This Course:

This course contains over 55+ high quality text and video lessons, so It can be a little overwhelming as there's a lot to go through.

That's why I decided to drip feed the course content. The first 2 modules are delivered upfront on your first day. The rest will be delivered at a rate of one module every 7 days.

I highly recommend you to study each module carefully and do your homework to get the most out of the course.​

Below are exactly what your course will include:

  • Full access to the premium coaching program (5 Core Modules and 55+ video lessons).
  • Worksheets, checklists and workbooks for each and every lesson you learn.
  • Step-by-step action plans at each and every step to eliminate all confusion and guesswork.
  • I’ll personally review your niche selection and make sure you pick the right one.
  • Regular check-ins to make sure you get the most out of the course.
  • Access to exclusive member only resources - plus receive special perks & discounts
  • Lifetime access to private discussion forum ($47/month value).

I only had to spend 5 minutes going through Tung’s AMZ Bootcamp before I realized what immense value it is going to be for beginners.

If you’re not familiar with Tung, he isn’t someone that believes in shortcuts or poor quality courses, and let me tell you, this is a great example of that.

This course is not only comprehensive, it has a lot of useful examples, and is laid out in a very easy to digest manner.

If you signup and don’t have any success with Amazon sites, then I can only assume you’ve not put any effort in, because anyone who truly follows the course will not fail.

Dom Wells

Sweet! I’m in. How much is this going to cost?

Before revealing the price, I have to tell you this:

This course is not for everyone.

I don't want to waste your time nor mine, so I'll get straight to the point. Before you go any further, there are things I'd like you to know:

  • If you’re in an extremely desperate financial situation and need a way to pay bills fast, this is not the quick fix you're looking for.
  • If you’re not willing or couldn’t afford to set aside 1-2 hours a day to work on your site for a few months, this business will not work for you.
  • If you’re not an action taker who could follow my guidance closely, this is not for you.

However, this course would be perfect for you if:

  • You’re financially stable. Ideally, you should either have a regular job or enough savings to burn through, while you’re building your business on the side.
  • You understand that it takes time for your site to grow, and you’re willing to put in 1-2 hours a day to work on your site for a few months before seeing any results.
  • You can set aside about $200 a month to invest in your site. This is nothing compared to starting an offline business which often requires hundreds of thousands of dollars as initial capital.

Okay. So if you’re qualified, here's what to do next.

Enrollment for AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is Closed 🙁

Enter your email address below and click "Get Updates!" to receive updates when we launch again.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you join AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp, you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I'm so confident that you'll find the AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp incredibly useful that you have 30 days to change your mind.​

I won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then I'll refund you without any fuss.

I'm usually skeptical of those who teach others to make money online. "If you are such an expert, why don't you just apply these techniques yourself?" - I find myself asking.

In the case of Tung, he actually does. Everything Tung teaches he has first used to generate revenue himself, and he has a multi-year track record of building and selling sites using sustainable white hat strategies, many of which he shares on his blog at

Through the years I have followed him, I have come to know Tung as an entrepreneur who puts his community first.

His blog reflects that and, if you find the free information that he shares there of value, you'll know that his paid content just takes it to a whole 'nother level. I encourage you to check it out- you won't be disappointed!

Brandon King

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the best A-Z Niche Site Training in the market. The Niche & Research Module is in details and helps you to pick a right niche market to get into.

There are a lot of practical how-tos, templates, and tricks in Content Creation and Link Outreach Modules; experienced niche site builder like myself can benefit from and scale further in my operation.

I highly recommend this to whoever wants to build and grow their Amazon Affiliate income and create long-term Authority site Asset.

Kent Chow

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